Local Content

Local Content Achievement

  • OES has a 97% indigenous skilled workforce across all its operations from the rig floor hands to the Supervisors- Drillers, Toolpushers, OIMs, Rig Managers, etc.
  • All four swamp rigs in the OES fleet are run by competent Nigerian Rig Managers


  • 92% of active OES vendors are indigenous and locally based
  • The remaining 8% are Original Equipment Manufacturers that we directly engage to access sole sourced equipment and parts
  •  OES Spends an average of NGN12 billion per year on local and indigenous purchases



Over the years, OES has continuously invested in local repairs and refurbishments of its assets:

OES Passion Rig Refurbishment

  • US$ 40 million cost funded by a Nigerian Bank
  • Location – Port Harcourt Rivers State
  • Knowledge building project for all who participated
  • Project completed in May 2012

OES Respect Rig Refurbishment

  • US$ 63 million cost funded by a Nigerian Bank
  • Cost included evaluation, assessments, interest payments, Project Office in Port Harcourt, Nigerian team taken to US and other ancillary charges associated with the project
  • Project initiated and commenced in Lagos – feasibility, assessment and design.
  • Assessment carried out revealed that the hull of the rig was severely damaged and had to be taken off the water for repairs
  • No Nigerian facility could handle the dry dock repairs so rig was taken to the United States for this purpose
  • OES ensured that ~90% of personnel attached to the project in the US were OES personnel from our Port Harcourt office, including the Project Manager
  • Project supervision was provided by the facility owners, hands-on experience gained by the OES Staff
  • 90% of project cost was spent in Nigeria and on Nigerian vendors and people
  • Rig returned to Port Harcourt in October 2013 to complete the project

OES Teamwork Repairs

  • US$ 3.2 million project cost
  • 100% indigenous vendors using OES rig personnel
  • Facelift of the floors, wall and furniture given to the rig accommodation area

OES Integrity Repairs

  • Currently undergoing repairs in Port Harcourt
  • Manpower provided by the rig staff with local vendors providing support with supplies